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Buck Ridge Soap Company

Sweet Bourbon Beard Wash

Sweet Bourbon Beard Wash

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Buck Ridge Sweet Bourbon Beard Wash will treat your beard and the skin below it just right. The scent is a sweetly scented combination of sandalwood and bourbon.and matches our other products of the same name. Use it to wash your beard and face to provide a perfect balance of moisture and strength benefiting vitamins and plant extracts to your beard. Comes in a BPA free 6 ounce bottle. 

Our unique Buck Ridge Soap Beard Wash is a mild cleanser formulated using our very own sulfate-free plant based beard wash that creates a refreshing, foamy lather that leaves skin feeling pampered, clean and lightly moisturized. It delivers a soothing, delightful sensory experience. Our beard wash is sulfate free providing an eco-friendly and gentle shampoo that is entirely plant based using organic sage leaf, organic horsetail, organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic ginseng root, oat extract, organic lemon peel extract and organic aloe vera leaf extract combined with Pro Vitamin B-5 to improve moisture balance and hair strength. Completely paraben free.

Be sure to shake very well and use just a small amount pea to dime size depending on beard length because very little goes a LONG way with this extra thick beard wash. 

Directions: Best used daily to wash your beard, helps to remove waxes and oils. Use a small amount and massage into facial hair, wait two minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not get in eyes. Flush eyes with cool water to relive any stinging. Do not consume.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sodium Methyl 2-Sulfolaurate, Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lauramide MEA, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium chloride is a surfactant, and emulsifying agent., PEG-150 Distearate, Organic Sage Leaf Extract, Organic Horsetail Extract, Organic Marigold Extract, Organic Chamomilla Extract, Organic Ginseng Root Extract, Oat Extract, Organic Lemon Peel Extract, Organic Aloe Aloe Vera Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, Polyquaternium-7, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, essential oils and/or fragrance oils.

Bottled in BPA free plastic. Sulfate Free!

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Frequently asked questions

Is this product safe to use?

We understand that customers want the freshest, and we're here to help with all-natural beard care. Our formulas care for both your skin and your beard, resulting in beautiful, soft conditioned hair and healthy skin.We hope you enjoy our wonderfully matched smells, which bring you delight and improve your experience using our products.

How to use a beard oil?

Use each day following a face wash or shower. Use on a damp beard. Rub your palm with 2 to 5 drops of beard oil. You want to reach to the roots and the skin behind your beard, so massage it into your face and beard. You may detangle your beard by using a beard comb softly.

How to use a beard balm?

For optimal results, apply to a dry beard. Take a piece of balm about the size of a cent and massage it between your palms. Starting at the neck and working your way up, run your fingers through your facial hair, massaging as you go.

Beard oil or beard balm or beard wax?

The final factor that distinguishes these three products is where they fall on the Moisturizing to Styling sliding scale.

Beard oil hydrates and nourishes your skin while offering essentially no style benefits. Beard Balm blends beard wax and oil into one simple-to-use lotion, bridging the gap between beard oil's hydrating and styling benefits. Beard wax has excellent styling capabilities and a firm hold, but it doesn't hydrate like balm and oil do.

Knowing the distinctions can help you select the ideal products for you.

Who should apply beard oil?

Any man with a beard can use beard oil! It will lessen your beard's redness, itching, or irritation while also softening and moisturising it. But what if you were looking for a product to assist you manage your straggly beard hair? or trim your beard however you like? A product with a little extra thickness is what you need. The beard balm is the perfect item for you, which we have.

Who should apply beard balm?

Beard balm, like beard oil, can be used by any bearded gentleman. In fact, because of its use as a hair-styling and scalp-nourishing product, even non-bearded people can use beard balm. If you want to nourish and control your hair, you can use beard balm.

Let's say you don't need the moisturising effect of beard balm because you already have beard oil for that, and you're looking for a no-nonsense styling product that will definitely keep your pesky hair in place and provide you with limitless styling options. Now we're getting into beard wax!

Who should apply beard wax?

If you already use beard oil and want to grow out or shape your beard, consider using beard / moustache wax. If you dislike beard balm, the combination of beard oil and beard wax is often ideal because you can control the amount of hydration and styling separately.

Why do you need beard shampoo?

Natural oils are present in beard shampoo instead of the damaging chemicals found in conventional shampoo that remove oil. Therefore, our unique beard shampoos are made to clean, remove extra oil, and freshen your beard while also keeping it better nourished. In the end, a beard wash aids in softer, shinier, and less brittle beard growth.

Why do you need beard conditioner?

The purpose of beard conditioner is to maintain beard hair hydrated and silky. Over time, it may aid in reducing skin irritability and brittle hair and breakage. Additionally, it makes styling it simpler—definitely a benefit for those with longer beards. It is great for guys who are acne prone.

Although beard oil has numerous advantages, beard conditioner is the best choice for manageability and softness. If your skin and beard are both oily, using beard oil will usually result in issues like breakouts and plugged pores. The same is true of beard balm, which varies in that it has a firmer consistency, provides more grip, and guards against drying out the hair.

In that case, if beard oil or beard balm aren't working for you, a light beard conditioner may be all you need to give your beard a boost of care.