Collection: Beard Wash

A beard wash is made specifically to completely clean the face and beard without removing any of the skin's natural oils or drying it out. It might be very difficult for a consumer to distinguish between conventional shampoo and beard wash (beard shampoo). You might believe that any shampoo will do, but the majority of common shampoos actually contain powerful surfactants/detergents and extra chemicals that are too strong for beards. This is not ideal when trying to promote healthy beard development since it can make the skin dry, create beard dandruff, and cause the hair to become brittle.

To avoid robbing the hair of its natural oils and to prevent harming it and making it brittle and dry, you should use a natural beard wash designed specifically for beard hair. The harsh detergents/surfactants and other cleaning chemicals found in typical shampoos are too strong for beards. Since you'll probably be breathing it in while it sits under your nose, it's also a good idea to use a beard wash that doesn't include parabens, phthalates, PEGs, sulphates, silicions, DEA, TEA, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrance. Your beard feels soft, clean, and fresh after using our beard wash products, which has none of the components listed above.

Beard Wash