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Beard balm is a nourishing ingredient blend that you apply after washing your beard in the morning. Its primary function is to condition and nourish your scruff while also providing some light control and style over the entire beard. The amount of taming power and shine that each balm has will vary from one product to the other.

Beard balm can be used by anyone with a beard, but it is most effective on medium and long beards that require extra taming and nourishment. Because the balm can be heavy on the skin, most short-bearded men prefer a beard oil or an extra helping of facial moisturiser. Beard balm should be applied to the beard rather than the skin, especially if it contains comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil, which can cause acne breakouts on acne-prone skin.

The terminology used by different brands to describe their products varies; some items referred to as "beard wax" are actually beard balm. Standalone waxes, on the other hand, frequently have a sticky, tenacious consistency and work best as finishing touches, such as pressing down flyaways or coaching some hairs to cover up bald patches. Balms typically spread more evenly between the hands, are lighter, and can be thoroughly rubbed into the beard.

Beard Balm, Cream, Wax